Zimbabwean Politics in the Post 2013 Elections Period: The Constraints of ‘Victory’

Robert Mugabe Inaugurated as President for the 7th time

Introduction Zanu PF’s and Mugabe’s overwhelming electoral ‘victory’ in July 2013 was the result of a combination of the continuing legacy of firmly inscribed memories of post-colonial violence, Zanu PF’s persistent legitimacy from the liberation struggle, the declining fortunes of the opposition MDCs, the combination of coercion and patronage by the ruling party in context […]

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An Incredible Election

An Incredible Election from Solidarity Peace Trust on Vimeo. The 2013 Zimbabwe elections were unilaterally proclaimed by President Robert Mugabe on June 13th. The proclamation was in contravention of both the new constitution and the Global Political Agreement (GPA). The other partners in the government of national unity, including the main opposition leaders Morgan Tsvangirai […]

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The End of a Road: The 2013 Elections in Zimbabwe

2013 MDC-T campaign poster

‘It’s a paralyzing election result to every one, the future is bleak. They will continue to fill their bellies, while we suffers.’   [Old man, Lupane] ‘I am glad that ZANU PF has won – they have promised us that we can own factories now, so I am waiting to be given part of a factory.’  […]

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